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Are you tired of living in survival mode? Do you desire a more fun and fulfilling life? What if I can show you how to let go of your past hurts and failures so you can use that energy to create what you really want. Would you say YES? What if I could help you get out of that rut and get rid of the Negative Nancy’s in your life, who have been dream stealers and sucking the life out of you? Would you be willing to let go? That’s what I am here to teach you….. That and much more because I know what it takes from experience to create a happy and purposed life.

You will learn how to overcome your fears. You’ll also learn how to dig deep from within and get in touch with your true desires. You will learn how to set your goals around your core instincts and achieve much more. Are you willing to take the first step? If you are ready for a major breakthrough in your life then you are ready for this transformational journey. This self-study course is a transformational journey which includes 4 vital and practical steps to begin living your ideal life and to do what God has created you to do.

This Course has a total of 4 workbooks/modules that will walk you through a transformational journey to discover the Diamond in you.

Discovering The Diamond N You is a 4 step guide to living a purpose – filled life through what I call Diamond Transformation.   Discovering The Diamond N You  is a home study course. Therefore, you will be responsible for doing all of the work when you have some “me time”. There are 4 workbooks that focus on a different area and walk you through a clarifying process. The most effective ways to use the workbooks are to complete one workbook per week for 4 weeks, complete all 4 workbooks in a weekend, or complete one workbook each day for four consecutive days.

Diamond FINAL -Cover (1)

Module 1: Clarity

*Reflect on the past experiences that make you who you are today

*Create a Historical Snapshot of your life from childhood to the present

*Focus on what you love *Create your “I AM” list

*Take action by writing a letter to your future self.

Module 2: Color

*3 steps to letting go *What color are your bags?

*Categorize your bags to your lifestyle

*Take action by learning to release unwanted bags from your life

BONUS: Diamond Wisdom Forgiveness is Vital to the Soul

Module 3: Cut

Part 1 Reprogram your mind


 Redesign your life

*Learn the best kept secret and formula to success

*Find out your purpose in life

* 4 Confidence Boosters

*Define your Diamond Statement

* Create your Digital Vision Board

 Module 4: Carat (Reveal your DIAMOND)

*Learn simple techniques that will keep you moving and accomplishing your goals

*Design a plan of action that will reveal your transformation and new life

*Identify a self-care plan for putting you higher on your to-do list


I am offering a 4 step guide that includes all four workbooks/module + access to resources and bonuses.

(Overall Value is $77 Save $30)

Bonuses include: Private Facebook Group and Resources, Audio

Your investment is: $47

Discovering The DIAMOND N YOU PDF Workbook $47

Paypal Services provided for secure and easy payment

Accepting all major credit cards  Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card

 Please note: This is a NON-REFUNDABLE Class. Please be sure that you are ready to take full advantage of this online class before you complete your purchase. This is a digital course, and as a result your registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Legal Disclaimer:


Every effort has been made to accurately represent this course and its potential. Each individual’s Diamond Transformation success depends on their background, motivation and level of follow-through. The workbooks provided are for educational purposes only, and should not be shared with others who have not registered.

  Thank you for your interest in my upcoming courses and workshops. I’m proud of you for investing in yourself. Please sign up for my email list  to be notified of current and future course release dates and information.

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