Spoken Word- My Story

Often times you may sit and wonder do you matter?  The voices in your head are sometimes stronger than you. Sometimes they will have you feeling blue. I have been through a lot in my life time. I have seen a lot of things and learned a lot more. One thing that I know that holds true is that my testimony is for women like you. I was just messing around the other day and spit out some crazy rhymes. I was like wait a minute. I didn’t know I had this in me. My goal is to empower women to do some of the things that they never thought that they could do. Whether it is spoken word, starting a business, book club etc. The choice is up to you. Don’t let your past dictate your future. Many people said to me that I couldn’t do a lot of things. It wasn’t always easy to ignore what was being said. I give credit to the higher power that is in me. For without Him seeing me through I don’t know what I would do. I am already getting hate mail, saying why do you tell so much of your business. For those that know me I speak what is real. Some may like it some may not. For those that do I hope it hits the spot. I hope it heals and encourages you in such a way that you won’t let anything stop you, especially opinions. So watch the video and tell me what you think. Share the video if you think it could help inspire or encourage someone. As I always say,  the DIAMOND is  N YOU!!! All you have to do is search and you will find the most beautiful diamond of all time.

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