What will be your turning point?

turning point

It’s 8:00 am and you have arrived at work only to be told that you are being laid off. Your world immediately crumbles. As you walk down to the office to receive your pink slip.  With tears streaming down your face, immediately you feel angry, hurt and disappointed all at the same time. What about my kids? What about my bills? How am I going to survive?  You go home and you spend the rest of the day and the rest of the week crying and wondering why me?

That was me April 1, 2014, being laid off from my job and it sure wasn’t an April fool’s joke either. After the crying, I knew that God allowed things to happen for a reason and he wouldn’t leave me nor forsake me.  Here was my opportunity to really do what I wanted to do. But Wait…. What would that be? I had been in survival mode and I had no idea what I wanted to do or be. I sacrificed $600 from my last paycheck to take a 6 week course online “Launch Your Own Business Boot Camp”, with Rosetta Thurman. Never would I have imaged that this would be the turning point in my life.  Being laid off and taking this course gave me the freedom that I needed to start the business I dreamed of.

Today, I am the founder and life coach of Diamond N You. I empower women who are in the same survival mode as I was in before I was laid off. During my time off I have written a 4 step guide to helping women to discover the diamond from within and live a purposed filled life. What will be your turning point?  Everyone has a Diamond you must dig down deep underneath the surface to find it. Be Diamond Motivated!!!


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