Giving honor to God allow me to give my testimony


“The day after the last class, I landed my first client!”

“Before I took the Launch Your Business Boot Camp, I was struggling with identifying my passion. Living in survival mode, I was never really able to figure out what I was good at or what my passion was. In taking the online course I felt such a true connection with people in the course. They all had a real genuine desire to help each other succeed. The work for me was challenging at times, but it’s the kind of work that allows you to grow and to believe in yourself to launch your own business, by allowing you to offer your talents and gifts. Not to mention doing something that you LOVE to do. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready for results and to put in the work to launching your business. As a result of taking the course, I have made remarkable strides in such a short amount of time. I launched my business The Diamond N You. I have written and self-published my very own workbook “Diamond In the Rough” a 4-step guide to finding true happiness and living a purpose-filled life. The day after the last class, I landed my first client! Just by putting myself out there, I now have many others inquiring about my business. Thanks to Rosetta, I am looking forward to reaching my full potential and going nationwide!”

– Felicia Jones,

2 thoughts on “Giving honor to God allow me to give my testimony

  1. Thank you!!!! My mission is to help women to seek the Diamond from within and pursue their passion. Never give up!!!! As long as your are doing something everyday you will get there. Blessings to you and your endeavors.

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