A look at my life as an Entrepreneur



Many of you ask me all the time, what is it like to be an entrepreneur? There are certain traits that one must have to be successful and then there are many misconceptions people have when they think of entrepreneurs. It’s not all the glam life that people imagine (at least not all the time), especially in the beginning stages. Yes, we want financial freedom, work your own hours, and take luxury vacations. However, there is much more to it than meets the eye.

I have always had some kind of side hustle that I was working on.  You know all the popular ones that many people get into.  I am talking about Mary Kay, Avon, Maxxis, Amway, Herbalife, Noah’s Ark Workshop, etc. I can go on and on about the businesses that I had. One thing that stands true with all of them. It takes dedication, hard work and entrepreneurial traits.

I want to share with you some of the traits that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Whether it’s the multi-level marketing, small boutique, or an online business such as blogging, it takes a certain kind of person to be an entrepreneur. I don’t claim to know it all but in my years of owning several different businesses I have learned a few things.

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, I have learned that there are many traits  but I have only listed a few.  The 4 listed I believe are the ones that I had to really hone in on for me to be successful.

  1. You need  a vision

Can you identify a need or a problem and envision on how to fix it? Some of the best entrepreneurs like Steven Jobs, Bill Gates had a vision and worked toward that vision and since then have been listed as millionaires.


  1.  You have to believe in yourself.

Not only do you have to believe in yourself but you have to stand by and believe in the product or service you are providing. You have to have so much confidence that you can deliver it to the naysayers and they too will be convinced that they need the product or service.


  1. Be a rule breaker

This one is not often talked about but many entrepreneurs go against the grain to be successful. When they are told “No”, they either do it any way or they find another way to get it done. I haven’t met one business owner who has done what the norm has done to be successful.


  1. Manage your fears

This one is a tough one but necessary. To be successful you have to manage your fears and don’t let them consume you. If you let them consume you, more than likely you won’t accept the business deal. You won’t invest. You won’t even start a business. You will listen to all the naysayers and you will let fear  sit in the drive seat and rule your destiny.  I still work on this one on a consistent basics.  REMEMBER: The ultimate entrepreneurial test takes place on the mental battlefield.


I love to let people in my world because I like to keep things real. I despise reading articles of how so in so became rich but never talks about the struggles or the things that they encountered to get here. For example, I read the other day that someone quit their job in 12 months but they never said that they had a savings account or received a business loan to get their business off the ground. They never said that the lights got cut off or they were evicted because they spent money on advertising or invested in a product that they believed in. With that said, I wanted to reveal the truth on one of the biggest  misconceptions. In my book the number one thing I hear from people is that you can make your own hours and do what you want. While this is true in part I like to give details of what that really means.  Let me tell you a portion of  my story  being an entrepreneur.

I was laid off from my job. Like any other person laid off, you usually don’t know what to do next how you are going to make it from day to day. You are kind of stunned, for me it was about a week. A week of me playing the victim.  Me being the business minded person that I am I knew I had to do something and didn’t have much time to do it. I refused to be the laid off person lying around watching soap operas. I needed to start a business and make some money. As I began my journey, people seemed to think that I was living the life of luxury. Being home every day not having to work was their idea of luxury. In reality they didn’t see what I was doing behind closed doors. I just wanted to share with you some of the things it takes to accelerate getting your business off the ground and to squash the misconception of working your own hours and being able to do what you want to do.

  1. No T.V.

For many people this is very hard. However, for me I am not a big fan of T.V. So this was not too hard. I watch about an hour of T.V., which means the rest of the time I was building my business.

  1. Set your hours

Although, I wasn’t working and I could just work all day and night if I wanted to. I needed a balance. I hashed out 20 hours a week to work my business. If I wanted to do more I could but I had to get those 20 hours in. My hours were from 10am – 2pm Monday through Friday.

  1. Have a routine schedule

I can’t tell you how many hours I have sat at the computer forgetting to eat. Neglecting myself and not doing the necessary things to keep me healthy. Like exercise on a daily basis, eat frequently; get out of the house to get some fresh air. I since learned that along with the hours you set for your business you need to have a routine schedule. Write it down and commit it to memory

  1. Along with No T.V. You have to also limit your social life and social media.

In order to accelerate you can’t build a business going out every weekend. Going to every party, wedding, and football games will not get you the results. You must limit your social life. I am not saying you can’t go anywhere but you must demand respect from your friends and family that you are building a business and you can’t spend a lot of time with them. Remember being a business owner you wear many hats. So you have to focus on building and the people will come.


These are the things that I did. I was able to build my business, write a book, gain my first client all within 6 weeks. Believe me it was hard but well satisfying and rewarding. As you can see from the above, Working your own hours is great but look at what all takes place.  While you can do what you want to do but there are certain things that must take place to be successful. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!






3 thoughts on “A look at my life as an Entrepreneur

  1. This is all good advice! I’ve sold Mary Kay and Pure Romance and have done a slew of MLMs and you are absolutely right: it takes work, dedication and vision. I’ve learned so much from (failing) these businesses and it’s molding me into a much better entrepreneur for the future.

    • You are absolutely correct. Failures are learning experiences The key is to keep tweaking it until you get the right fit for you. I have seen your work and you my dear are FABULOUS !!!!

  2. Really great article! I can definitely relate to all you have said being a post-Corporate-America-employee-turned-full-time-entrepreneur myself. I, too, tried multiple businesses before finding the right one for me. My two biggest lessons learned, aside from the practical, are:
    (1) Entrepreneurship and network marketing are fundamentally about building, cultivating, and sustaining relationships.
    (2) Other people’s dreams and vision for their lives are just as important as your own. Helping others helps you.

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