Look Behind You Someone Is Watching You


It is 6:03 in the morning and the time is getting away from me. I have lots of work to do  today and as usually only a little time to get it done.  So I begin to pull out my laptop and start to work. I am working on all kinds of goals that I have set for myself for the month of June. You know things like what do I want to accomplish this month? How many clients will I service this month? What do I have to do to accomplish those goals? I am so focused that I didn’t even know that my daughter was standing over me watching me. Mama, I want to be famous just like you she said. Girl I am not famous I replied, I am just working. She said sure you are and I want to be just like you. To my surprise, I said you do!!!  She said,” you get to reach millions with your words. You always told me that my words are powerful”. At that very moment, I was reminded that someone is watching me. Not only someone but it’s my Mini Me. How awesome is that? Now if she is watching me I am sure that are many others watching me. It doesn’t matter if our actions are big or small we have people watching us. They watch how we handle adversity, how we communicate with others, how we make decisions, our work ethics, etc. YOU ARE BEING WATCHED. It’s reminds me of being a little child, when someone would do something that was wrong they would say” you know God is watching you?”

What kind of role model are you?

Does your family see you handling life’s disappointments with a rational, positive strategy, or do you medicate with addictive behaviors?

Do you approach problems and setbacks as opportunities, or label every problem a crisis?

Do you go through the day with energy, feeling totally alive, or are you constantly tired, stressed, emotionally flat or even depressed, worried and unhappy?

Do you spend genuine time with your family, including being involved in and supporting their activities, or do you tell them to back off because you’ve “got too much on your plate”?

Do you model high morals by avoiding such behaviors as gossiping, lying, cheating and cursing?

Do you model financial responsibility with regard to your bills and dealings, or do you over indulge and live beyond your means?


No one is perfect in every area but there is always room for improvement. Take time out to work on one or two of the above at a time. As long as there is improvement you are making progress.  As for me every day I am striving to be the best role model I can be.  Remember someone is always watching you!!!!

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