Spoken Word- My Story

Often times you may sit and wonder do you matter?  The voices in your head are sometimes stronger than you. Sometimes they will have you feeling blue. I have been through a lot in my life time. I have seen a lot of things and learned a lot more. One thing that I know that holds true is that my testimony is for women like you. I was just messing around the other day and spit out some crazy rhymes. I was like wait a minute. I didn’t know I had this in me. My goal is to empower women to do some of the things that they never thought that they could do. Whether it is spoken word, starting a business, book club etc. The choice is up to you. Don’t let your past dictate your future. Many people said to me that I couldn’t do a lot of things. It wasn’t always easy to ignore what was being said. I give credit to the higher power that is in me. For without Him seeing me through I don’t know what I would do. I am already getting hate mail, saying why do you tell so much of your business. For those that know me I speak what is real. Some may like it some may not. For those that do I hope it hits the spot. I hope it heals and encourages you in such a way that you won’t let anything stop you, especially opinions. So watch the video and tell me what you think. Share the video if you think it could help inspire or encourage someone. As I always say,  the DIAMOND is  N YOU!!! All you have to do is search and you will find the most beautiful diamond of all time.

What will be your turning point?

turning point

It’s 8:00 am and you have arrived at work only to be told that you are being laid off. Your world immediately crumbles. As you walk down to the office to receive your pink slip.  With tears streaming down your face, immediately you feel angry, hurt and disappointed all at the same time. What about my kids? What about my bills? How am I going to survive?  You go home and you spend the rest of the day and the rest of the week crying and wondering why me?

That was me April 1, 2014, being laid off from my job and it sure wasn’t an April fool’s joke either. After the crying, I knew that God allowed things to happen for a reason and he wouldn’t leave me nor forsake me.  Here was my opportunity to really do what I wanted to do. But Wait…. What would that be? I had been in survival mode and I had no idea what I wanted to do or be. I sacrificed $600 from my last paycheck to take a 6 week course online “Launch Your Own Business Boot Camp”, with Rosetta Thurman. Never would I have imaged that this would be the turning point in my life.  Being laid off and taking this course gave me the freedom that I needed to start the business I dreamed of.

Today, I am the founder and life coach of Diamond N You. I empower women who are in the same survival mode as I was in before I was laid off. During my time off I have written a 4 step guide to helping women to discover the diamond from within and live a purposed filled life. What will be your turning point?  Everyone has a Diamond you must dig down deep underneath the surface to find it. Be Diamond Motivated!!!




Someone once told me that there are no mistakes in life just life lessons. I have always been a perfectionist. Being raised by a single parent there really wasn’t any room for error. You had to get things done and get them done fast and without mistakes. As I grew older, no one is perfect. No matter how much my mother hated for me to make mistakes. I realized that you have to accept your mistakes, shortcomings, and unwanted events as opportunities. When this is done it lessens the stress in our lives. We all know we need to find ways to reduce stress.

It has taken me a long time to learn this life lesson and to accept that it is ok to make mistakes. I look at mistakes as small deposits. Well if it is a big mistake then a big deposits into our lives.  Many times if we do something wrong or incorrectly we have a habit of beating ourselves up mentally over and over again.  The fact is that when you make a mistake there is a lesson to be learned.

Now there are some people who refuse to think that they did anything wrong.  I have been guilty of doing this at times. However, when this is done it merely means that they haven’t taken full responsibility for their actions. They will play the blame game, rationalize, have the woe is me mentality.  They haven’t learned the lesson in their mistakes.

Here are 5 ways to embrace  mistakes

  1. Be open minded to making mistakes.

Accept that you are only human and that each of us will do things we may regret.  We may hurt someone’s feelings, make bad decisions. Be open to making the mistake.  I will warn you they hurt a lot. But if you are open minded it will allow you to move on. As my mother use to say experience is the best teacher.

  1. Learn from the lesson

Behind every mistake there is a lesson to be learned. Denying mistakes or placing blame will only prevent you from learning the lesson behind the mistake. Instead start reclaiming your power.  By accepting the mistake it shows a sign up maturity and a sense of gratitude.

  1. Ask Questions

Or should I say ask better questions.  The most frequent question people ask is why is this happening to me? Perhaps the better question to ask is what can I do differently? Through asking the right questions you will be able to see the big picture and move forward to the next opportunity.

  1. Face your fears

Don’t run from your fears run toward them. Fear is a powerful thing that can leave you paralyze and leaving you with feelings of guilt and pain. Try writing down your fears and beside every fear write a positive affirmation.  This won’t eliminate the fear but over time it will help boost your confidence and give you a sense of power over your fears.

  1. Accept Full Responsibility

Accepting full responsibility shows strength and courage. By doing so, you show a softer side of yourself that you are a caring person. When things are done poorly then you accept the responsibility that you can fix it.  If there was a misunderstanding between you and someone else then you can gain a better understand. By maintaining awareness of how you are received in relationships with others allows you to make better life choices to avoid problems and misunderstandings in the future.

Giving honor to God allow me to give my testimony



“The day after the last class, I landed my first client!”

“Before I took the Launch Your Business Boot Camp, I was struggling with identifying my passion. Living in survival mode, I was never really able to figure out what I was good at or what my passion was. In taking the online course I felt such a true connection with people in the course. They all had a real genuine desire to help each other succeed. The work for me was challenging at times, but it’s the kind of work that allows you to grow and to believe in yourself to launch your own business, by allowing you to offer your talents and gifts. Not to mention doing something that you LOVE to do. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready for results and to put in the work to launching your business. As a result of taking the course, I have made remarkable strides in such a short amount of time. I launched my business The Diamond N You. I have written and self-published my very own workbook “Diamond In the Rough” a 4-step guide to finding true happiness and living a purpose-filled life. The day after the last class, I landed my first client! Just by putting myself out there, I now have many others inquiring about my business. Thanks to Rosetta, I am looking forward to reaching my full potential and going nationwide!”

– Felicia Jones, thediamondinyou.wordpress.com

Could clutter be clogging up your success?


I remember it like it was yesterday October 2012. I made some major transitions in my life. The biggest one was I chopped off all my hair. I was going through some things in my life and just frustrated with the person looking back at me in the mirror.  There was no turning back. I had to deal with the good, bad and the ugly within myself. I will never forget going to work the next day. I felt like a kid being picked on in elementary school but instead by overgrown adults.  People would laugh at me, talk behind my back. Nevertheless, I pushed myself to look in the mirror every day to find reasons why I needed to love myself. This was the most painful time in my life. I didn’t love myself. I felt like I had to have all the makeup and all the wigs, and braids to be successful. Little did I know, it was the one transition in my life that started me on the path to success.

decluttering 1

As I began to work on me as a person, I was introduced to de-cluttering by a close friend of mine. I had lost 20 pounds and was still wearing my same clothes. In my mind they still fit. Besides, I was thinking what if I gain my  weight back. I can continue to wear the same clothes and won’t need to purchase any more. Little did I know, it was my old thinking process and clutter that was holding me back. That night my friend and I got in the closet and he started throwing away clothes. I remember crying and wanting to hang on to those clothes because of all the what if’s. He told me look,”if you don’t get rid of the old how do you expect to receive new?” He said,”your closet is full to capacity. You don’t even have room for new clothes”.  After crying my eyes out I acknowledge that  he was right. I gathered all the clothes and sent them off to Goodwill. My closet was so bare. I only had a few new items that actually fit my new figure.  Not even a month later I started a job and was able to vamp up my wardrobe and created a new style for myself.   That transition taught me a valuable lesson.  In order to receive you must first have to let go of some things.

decluttering 2

Fast forward to 2014, I launched my business Diamond N You. The same principles that applied when I lost weight applied to me building this business. I had to de- clutter my life.  I began to de-clutter the house because it was going to be where I was working for the most part. I did a deep cleaning. I had moved from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment. So needless to say I had a lot of stuff. You know how you hang on to something because some poor little soul just might need it. That was me. Some of these things I hadn’t seen in years. I threw it all away and those things that I could give away, I did just that, gave it away. For this time I knew for a fact that it worked because of doing it before when I lost all the weight.

If you want to be successful you have to let go of something in order to receive your success. An athlete has to train all the time, he gives up a portion of his social life. When a new mother has a child they normally give up their wants to take care of the child. When a person is serious about starting their business they give up sleep. Giving up things or in this case de-cluttering allows you to reduce stress and tells the Universe that you are ready to receive.

If you feel you are stuck and feel that you could be more successful if something changed, try de-cluttering your life. This goes for every aspect of your life. A successful business woman knows that it may take telling her friends that she may not be able to make every social gathering anymore. She may not be able to get 8 hours of beauty sleep. However, once you learn this simple principle then you will experience how liberating and free you are. You are able to make better decisions about your life. You are able to focus on the goals you are looking to achieve. Go ahead I challenge you to give it a try. You will be glad you did.


A look at my life as an Entrepreneur



Many of you ask me all the time, what is it like to be an entrepreneur? There are certain traits that one must have to be successful and then there are many misconceptions people have when they think of entrepreneurs. It’s not all the glam life that people imagine (at least not all the time), especially in the beginning stages. Yes, we want financial freedom, work your own hours, and take luxury vacations. However, there is much more to it than meets the eye.

I have always had some kind of side hustle that I was working on.  You know all the popular ones that many people get into.  I am talking about Mary Kay, Avon, Maxxis, Amway, Herbalife, Noah’s Ark Workshop, etc. I can go on and on about the businesses that I had. One thing that stands true with all of them. It takes dedication, hard work and entrepreneurial traits.

I want to share with you some of the traits that it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Whether it’s the multi-level marketing, small boutique, or an online business such as blogging, it takes a certain kind of person to be an entrepreneur. I don’t claim to know it all but in my years of owning several different businesses I have learned a few things.

In order to be a successful entrepreneur, I have learned that there are many traits  but I have only listed a few.  The 4 listed I believe are the ones that I had to really hone in on for me to be successful.

  1. You need  a vision

Can you identify a need or a problem and envision on how to fix it? Some of the best entrepreneurs like Steven Jobs, Bill Gates had a vision and worked toward that vision and since then have been listed as millionaires.


  1.  You have to believe in yourself.

Not only do you have to believe in yourself but you have to stand by and believe in the product or service you are providing. You have to have so much confidence that you can deliver it to the naysayers and they too will be convinced that they need the product or service.


  1. Be a rule breaker

This one is not often talked about but many entrepreneurs go against the grain to be successful. When they are told “No”, they either do it any way or they find another way to get it done. I haven’t met one business owner who has done what the norm has done to be successful.


  1. Manage your fears

This one is a tough one but necessary. To be successful you have to manage your fears and don’t let them consume you. If you let them consume you, more than likely you won’t accept the business deal. You won’t invest. You won’t even start a business. You will listen to all the naysayers and you will let fear  sit in the drive seat and rule your destiny.  I still work on this one on a consistent basics.  REMEMBER: The ultimate entrepreneurial test takes place on the mental battlefield.


I love to let people in my world because I like to keep things real. I despise reading articles of how so in so became rich but never talks about the struggles or the things that they encountered to get here. For example, I read the other day that someone quit their job in 12 months but they never said that they had a savings account or received a business loan to get their business off the ground. They never said that the lights got cut off or they were evicted because they spent money on advertising or invested in a product that they believed in. With that said, I wanted to reveal the truth on one of the biggest  misconceptions. In my book the number one thing I hear from people is that you can make your own hours and do what you want. While this is true in part I like to give details of what that really means.  Let me tell you a portion of  my story  being an entrepreneur.

I was laid off from my job. Like any other person laid off, you usually don’t know what to do next how you are going to make it from day to day. You are kind of stunned, for me it was about a week. A week of me playing the victim.  Me being the business minded person that I am I knew I had to do something and didn’t have much time to do it. I refused to be the laid off person lying around watching soap operas. I needed to start a business and make some money. As I began my journey, people seemed to think that I was living the life of luxury. Being home every day not having to work was their idea of luxury. In reality they didn’t see what I was doing behind closed doors. I just wanted to share with you some of the things it takes to accelerate getting your business off the ground and to squash the misconception of working your own hours and being able to do what you want to do.

  1. No T.V.

For many people this is very hard. However, for me I am not a big fan of T.V. So this was not too hard. I watch about an hour of T.V., which means the rest of the time I was building my business.

  1. Set your hours

Although, I wasn’t working and I could just work all day and night if I wanted to. I needed a balance. I hashed out 20 hours a week to work my business. If I wanted to do more I could but I had to get those 20 hours in. My hours were from 10am – 2pm Monday through Friday.

  1. Have a routine schedule

I can’t tell you how many hours I have sat at the computer forgetting to eat. Neglecting myself and not doing the necessary things to keep me healthy. Like exercise on a daily basis, eat frequently; get out of the house to get some fresh air. I since learned that along with the hours you set for your business you need to have a routine schedule. Write it down and commit it to memory

  1. Along with No T.V. You have to also limit your social life and social media.

In order to accelerate you can’t build a business going out every weekend. Going to every party, wedding, and football games will not get you the results. You must limit your social life. I am not saying you can’t go anywhere but you must demand respect from your friends and family that you are building a business and you can’t spend a lot of time with them. Remember being a business owner you wear many hats. So you have to focus on building and the people will come.


These are the things that I did. I was able to build my business, write a book, gain my first client all within 6 weeks. Believe me it was hard but well satisfying and rewarding. As you can see from the above, Working your own hours is great but look at what all takes place.  While you can do what you want to do but there are certain things that must take place to be successful. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!






 Recipe for staying motivated (quick and easy only 5 ingredients)


  1. Have a purpose


Having a purpose means you are trying to accomplish something for a reason. Verify what your why is. Once you determined what your why is then it is much more meaningful therefore you are able to accomplish your goals more consistently.


  1. Be responsible for your own actions


This doesn’t mean that you point the finger to one person or another. It just means you move forward with the next action to accomplish your goals. Setbacks  will come but blaming someone else and that includes yourself, is not productive. Get back out there and try it again.


  1. Don’t wait for the perfect time.


Just do it!!! Perfectionists are notorious for not taking action until the time is perfect. The true fulfillment comes from being free to take action and not being so caution that you don’t even try to see what you can accomplish.


  1. Eat Wisely


Eating wisely not only motivates you but it gives you the energy you need to succeed. Without this one ingredient, success would be hard to accomplish. It’s hard to stay motivated on a diet of refine sugars


  1. Find motivated people to hang around


The old saying goes birds of a feather flock together. If you are hanging around people that are not motivating you to do anything, then you will continue to do the things that they are doing. If you hang around people full of energy and with a purpose then you will start to see a change in yourself.

3 lessons I have learned starting my business

Break the Chain

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~Confucius

We often times hear so many stories of people reaching the promise land through their passion. Is it possible for the everyday person? Or is it by the luck of the draw? I bet there are some of you that would love to take what you are passionate about and make a living off that drive and passion. Why is it that people who succeed not only succeed once but multiple times? Whether it is fitness, career, business, they always seem to succeed. I spent the last few years doing my own research trying to find the answer. Amazingly, it wasn’t until I was laid off from my job that I could use all the information I researched and put it together. I wanted to share  3 of the profound lessons I have learned in getting started.

  1. We must start with our thoughts

Often times we start to brainstorm in our minds about our passion project and they never really come to pass because we knock the idea down before we can even give it a chance. As humans, our microwave senses kick in and we want it to work immediately. It might  not even take but two seconds for someone to say,” that’s crazy no one is ever going to pay you for that”. Then you feel stupid and you continue to do what you don’t want to do.   If you were to give that idea some true brainstorming and a solid dose of non-critical discussion and creativity, the idea could possibly turn out to be a winner. I wrote last week about some of the most successful people in this world came up with ideas that were killed due to premature criticism. They tried several times and all of them had one thing in common. They never succeeded on the first try.  We are our worst critics. We stifle our ideas before we even give them a chance to bloom. In order to have a chance you must absolutely start with your thinking process. The idea can work and will work. Go ahead start now. Take a look at what you may call a crazy idea and see if there isn’t someone out their getting paid to do it.

  1. You are the expert.

One of the most common barriers keeping people from making money is that you don’t believe you know something well enough to get paid to teach it to someone else. This couldn’t be far from the truth. Let me break it down for you. If you are a good photographer what would you rate yourself as on a scale of 1 to 10? Let’s say you were a 7. Now don’t you think that there are people out there that are on a scale of 1 to 6? Of course there is?  Don’t you think you would know more than them if you were a 7?  Yes, you sure would. Well you can teach those people and get paid for it. Now you might not be able to teach the people that are a 7-10 because they may be more advanced than you. So let them teach those people and get paid.  YOU ARE THE EXPERT!!!!!  Give yourself credit. Find what it is you are passionate about and find the people who desperately need your help. Combine the two and you too can become living a purposed filled life.

  1. Do the impossible

We  have been largely conditioned to believe that you can’t make a living doing what you are passionate about. So many people hate their job and many of us have accepted that it is a just a way of life. I did too, until I started meeting people who showed me another way.  The lesson I have learned and still learning is that you must surround yourself with people who are already doing it. My most recent course I created, Diamond in a Rough- 4 step guide to true happiness and a purposed filled life would not exist today of it wasn’t for the “crazy” like-minded people I spent time with.  People like  them are at the top of my list. Thanks to those people for building a foundation for me and encouraging me. I wouldn’t be where I am today. Once you learn the process and convince yourself that it will work. It’s just a matter of time before you are able to turn your passion into profit. Start surrounding yourself with people and don’t look back.

Microwave my success please!!!

It doesn’t matter where you are at people are in a hurry. Look at the lunch lines at the fast food restaurants. People are in a rush to order and eat their food. Go to the grocery store, especially Wal-Mart people are in a hurry in the checkout lines. Get in your car and go down the highway people are speeding off to their next destination. EVERYBODY IS IN A HURRY!!!!


There are thousands of businesses that start-up daily with the microwave mentality. It usually takes years of consistent work and practice to be successful. The Beatles are a perfect example of this. They played over 1200 shows before they became a hit. Colonel Sanders was rejected over 1000 times before someone finally invested in his chicken recipe.  Let’s not forget Thomas Edison invented 1,000 light bulbs before creating one that worked. Dr. Seuss’ first book was rejected by 27 different publishers. He’s now the most popular children’s book author ever. Marilyn Monroe’s first contract with Columbia Pictures expired because they told her she wasn’t pretty or talented enough to be an actress.  Oprah Winfrey was fired from her television reporting job because they told her she wasn’t fit to be on-screen. But she rebounded and became the undisputed queen of television talk shows. She’s also a billionaire. The list goes on and on.


One thing that stays consistent is that although they were rejected or had obstacles but they never gave up. Don’t think that because you live in a society that operates in the here and now that you can microwave your success. If anything we have to go back in time where we plant our success. Plant the seed and watch it grow. There may come some rainstorms, or weeds that might try to get in the way.  It may have you discouraged but watch your dreams and aspirations grow in to something so big that you will not have room enough to receive it.


You too will be successful once you change your way of thinking. Instead of trying to microwave your success you should try planting it. It may take months, years before you see the fruits of your labor but once you do you will reap the blessings that God has laid up for you to receive. So that idea you have put it on paper, tell people about it, research it. Eventually it will get into the right hands and change your life forever. NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Keep pushing to the end. You happiness depends on it.

Look Behind You Someone Is Watching You


It is 6:03 in the morning and the time is getting away from me. I have lots of work to do  today and as usually only a little time to get it done.  So I begin to pull out my laptop and start to work. I am working on all kinds of goals that I have set for myself for the month of June. You know things like what do I want to accomplish this month? How many clients will I service this month? What do I have to do to accomplish those goals? I am so focused that I didn’t even know that my daughter was standing over me watching me. Mama, I want to be famous just like you she said. Girl I am not famous I replied, I am just working. She said sure you are and I want to be just like you. To my surprise, I said you do!!!  She said,” you get to reach millions with your words. You always told me that my words are powerful”. At that very moment, I was reminded that someone is watching me. Not only someone but it’s my Mini Me. How awesome is that? Now if she is watching me I am sure that are many others watching me. It doesn’t matter if our actions are big or small we have people watching us. They watch how we handle adversity, how we communicate with others, how we make decisions, our work ethics, etc. YOU ARE BEING WATCHED. It’s reminds me of being a little child, when someone would do something that was wrong they would say” you know God is watching you?”

What kind of role model are you?

Does your family see you handling life’s disappointments with a rational, positive strategy, or do you medicate with addictive behaviors?

Do you approach problems and setbacks as opportunities, or label every problem a crisis?

Do you go through the day with energy, feeling totally alive, or are you constantly tired, stressed, emotionally flat or even depressed, worried and unhappy?

Do you spend genuine time with your family, including being involved in and supporting their activities, or do you tell them to back off because you’ve “got too much on your plate”?

Do you model high morals by avoiding such behaviors as gossiping, lying, cheating and cursing?

Do you model financial responsibility with regard to your bills and dealings, or do you over indulge and live beyond your means?


No one is perfect in every area but there is always room for improvement. Take time out to work on one or two of the above at a time. As long as there is improvement you are making progress.  As for me every day I am striving to be the best role model I can be.  Remember someone is always watching you!!!!

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